The Mother’s Day book



I’ve seen this idea somewhere on the internet and what a fantastic idea it is. Basically, if you’re a mother grab a journal and give it to your kids prior to Mother’s Day so they can decorate a page each year. When they’re older they might like to write you a note. If you’re not a mother, give it to your own mother – it’s never too late to start a tradition. Better yet, suggest it to the husband of a mother so he can surprise her with the very thoughtful new family ritual (it works for Father’s Day too of course).

This is the first year we’ll be starting the tradition. I let my three year old choose one for Mummy and Daddy. I think I might take a polaroid of myself with the kids and stick it in there too. I love the idea that instead of cards all these precious memories are kept in one journal and it’s certainly better than getting caught up in the all the mass marketed consumerism of the “you only love your mother if you buy her …” lie. All a Mum needs is to be reminded of what an amazing job she’s doing and how much her kids love her.

Quick, get out there and grab a journal ready for this Sunday!


A Keepsake Brooch


Yesterday I helped my grandparents celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. They were married in 1942 where my Pop wore his airforce uniform and my Nanna wore a wedding dress made by her Aunt, using material purchased from saved up coupons that were issued at the time.

My Nanna was saddened when her mother-in-law cut up my Nanna’s wedding dress to make a christening blanket for my father, a baby at the time. They had to be pretty thrifty in those days.

A while ago my Nanna and I were going through some things she was giving away when we stumbled across what was left of her wedding dress. I asked if I could have it and said I would make something out of it (I had no idea what!) and she agreed. It wasn’t until we get the invite to their 70th wedding anniversary lunch that I finally knew what to do with it.

The material was faded and stained and hacked up a bit, but I figured I could cut it up into smaller pieces and make a brooch so my Nanna could “wear her wedding dress” again.

I cut several flower petal shapes and then placed them a on top of each other, deliberately messy. I then cut long strips and made the pinwheel flowers and then used some vintage buttons I already had to secure the flowers down. I glued it all to a white felt backing sewed to a brooch pin (which also gave the brooch some stability) and then secured it again with some thread.

My Nanna was delighted to see the fabric remnants made into something pretty that she could wear all the time as a keepsake of that special day so long ago.

Here is a picture of my grandparents yesterday and the brooch. It was so cute to hear about how they first met, how they got married, how my Pop still carries a picture of my Nanna (in 1940) in his wallet, and how he still brings her a cup of coffee and jam on toast for breakfast every morning. Now that’s love.