The Mother’s Day book



I’ve seen this idea somewhere on the internet and what a fantastic idea it is. Basically, if you’re a mother grab a journal and give it to your kids prior to Mother’s Day so they can decorate a page each year. When they’re older they might like to write you a note. If you’re not a mother, give it to your own mother – it’s never too late to start a tradition. Better yet, suggest it to the husband of a mother so he can surprise her with the very thoughtful new family ritual (it works for Father’s Day too of course).

This is the first year we’ll be starting the tradition. I let my three year old choose one for Mummy and Daddy. I think I might take a polaroid of myself with the kids and stick it in there too. I love the idea that instead of cards all these precious memories are kept in one journal and it’s certainly better than getting caught up in the all the mass marketed consumerism of the “you only love your mother if you buy her …” lie. All a Mum needs is to be reminded of what an amazing job she’s doing and how much her kids love her.

Quick, get out there and grab a journal ready for this Sunday!


12 dates : January


12 dates_january3 (Large)

January was the first month PJ got to see some action out of his Christmas gift. As I discussed in more detail here I made him a box of 12 dates, one a month for a year, and each month is a surprise.

So what was January? Being the middle of summer in Australia it was a simple icecream date. I have made sure our gifts start simple (while Baby E is still little) and get increasingly more ‘exciting’ as he gets older.

12 dates_january2 (Large)

We visited our local favourite icecream place Cafe Gelato (also a photo lab!) and indulged in two scoops. Indulgent because I’m meant to be on a bit of a sugar free diet (more on that later).

And in case you’re wondering I had Butterscotch and Ferrero flavours. It was sooooooo good. Now I just need to print some photos so I have an excuse to go back there and ‘eat gelato while I wait’!




12 dates_january1 (Large)

12 dates : the gift that lasts all year


With the success of my origami fortune teller gift to my partner, letting him ‘choose’ where and how a special birthday date would take place, I decided to give it another go, but in a way that would last all year round!

This is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t need anything. It is especially perfect for your husband or partner if you have kids, or simply don’t get to spend enough time with each other. As my partner and I have a 7 month old baby, we don’t get to spend a lot of time alone anymore. So for Christmas, especially as we don’t typically give gifts, I decided to give him something special – a year’s worth of dates!

12 dates in a box_2

Inside are 12 individual packages with a planned date inside. They could be things you always talk about doing but never get around to it, or just use them as excuses to do your favourite things! Plus your partner will get a surprise each month – and who doesn’t like surprises?

I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what  I have in store for my 12 dates but I’ll keep you updated as each month goes!

12 dates in a box_1