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My name is Kat and welcome to my little Eco Empire.

I’m a full-time Mama. Graphic designer. Photography fanatic. Eco enthusiast. Perpetual DIY’er. Feisty red head.

I initially started this blog because some people don’t understand that every decision you make has an impact on something or someone else and I wanted to inspire people to make ethical and sustainable decisions in everyday life, in the most fun and creative way possible.

I love making my own yummy but healthy, nutritious food (always gluten free!), clothes that are fashionable and ethical and often homemade or secondhand, practicing good health, homemade and DIY projects, giving kudos to the products and places and ‘things’ I like trust and admire, being inspired by other people (especially those in the blogosphere), and I really love my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. I sometimes like talk about the nitty gritty environmental issues  but I always offer easy eco tips to make it less daunting. But most of all I love adventures – who doesn’t?

You can also find me at my professional workspace: www.redeclectic.com.au


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  3. Portia says


    I was absolutely delighted when I stumbled across your blog – it’s very informative and was the beacon of light I was looking for in Perth! I am moving from Austin, Texas (which is probably one of the most hippy/environmental cities in the US) to Perth and was scared I would not be able to find my green haven there. I have been to Perth in the past but have not experience the green side of it although I do know it’s present. Do you have any advice on what places/organizations to see? I will also be starting my job hunt so I would love to know of any green networking events that occur throughout the year. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!🙂

  4. I love this, I’ve just launched my blog on wordpress and found yours. I think we have a similar approach to ethical fashion, and I wish you all the best with your blog🙂
    Please do check out mine : bexceptionalblog.wordpress.com
    x Bex x

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