So I’ve been desperate to get back into blogging here (with a deep urge to inspire and connect with other likeminded people), however I kept finding blogging was “too hard”. This will be my third blog post claiming to “be back”. But it’s all about finding the time right? So I experimented. I thought I’d microblog on Instagram for a while to get back into the rhythm of things and soon enough I was finding it easy to find the time. I’ve had this blog since May 2011 and I cringe to look back at some of my previous posts, I have essentially been experimenting with this whole “eco thing” for years but still not quite figuring it out! But six years on we have so many awesome things available to us – awesome bloggers who have written books, podcasts, TED Talks, workshops and community groups. Even the ABC produced a TV mini-series “The War on Waste” bringing big environmental problems into the spotlight. We can not divert our eyes any longer! So I’m jumping in head first, right in the midst of my first Plastic Free July challenge, ready to have fun, inspire and be inspired.

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