Where do I begin?

snake vine out my window

Everybody has to start somewhere I guess. Every day I think about the environment, the planet, the human race. I have two young children and I worry about what state the planet will be in when they are my age. I try to be a good human every day, make ethical and informed choices, consider all the options, read the label, ask the questions, say no to that plastic bag, compost our scraps, recycle that glass, resist buying another thing, repair something that is broken, water my garden and look out my kitchen window to the snake vine and its yellow flowers and thank my lucky stars that I am where I am. I made a conscious decision in 2011 to start blogging about caring for the environment, mostly because at the time my friends and family didn’t understand it. I think since then it’s not so unknown, and I have met other friends who share my passion. Whilst I have come a long way since then, I still feel like I’m on a journey to becoming a good human. I still haven’t figured it all out. It is a really big job to change old habits and stand up for what you believe in. But I’m getting there. Some ‘eco blogs’ are scary, they are so full-on that you are left feeling like a failure, like the job to becoming environmentally conscious is so big (too big) that you wonder if it’s even possible. It is. And you don’t have to be superhuman. Being good even 50% of the time is amazing. That’s reducing your impact by half. So give yourself a break and start small.

What could you change today that can make a positive impact on the planet?

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