Raw (un)cooking class

raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_02 (Large)
Straight from the garden

I love raw food. It can be some of the tastiest food I get to eat. One of my absolute favourite cafes is a raw vegetarian cafe. For some time now I’ve been dreaming of going to an A Foodly Affair raw (un)cooking class. Finally I had enough free time and a good excuse (early Christmas present) to go! A Foodly Affair is actually the lovely Hannah and it was so enjoyable to listen to someone who is really passionate about delicious raw food and general health and wellbeing, and if you weren’t already a raw food convert then seeing Hannah’s glowing skin would certainly change your mind!

raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_01 (Large)
Hannah from A Foodly Affair
raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_06 (Large)
The class getting involved

This particular (un)cooking class was Christmas focused. I was intrigued to see how Hannah would pull off a raw Christmas meal as there are some very particular traditional flavours associated with Christmas – but Hannah managed to put together an amazing spread of food that even the fussy eaters would be happy eating on Christmas day. I was particularly surprised by the Faux Turkey with Cranberry Sauce – a ‘stuffing’ like mixture was placed in a lettuce leaf with cranberry sauce poured on top and then it was all rolled up in the leaf – it really did have all the flavours of Christmas and I kept going back for more! It was so addictive!

Making almond milk for a 'nutty nog'
Making almond milk for a ‘nutty nog’
raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_10 (Large)
Shaving some cacao butter
raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_11 (Large)
Preparing some raw coffee and cardamom bites

The class certainly inspired me to get more involved in my raw (un)cooking as well as eating more organic and healthy foods. I also just bought her e-book “Love Thy Food” which I’m pretty excited about – especially the section on feeding toddlers. My toddler really listens to his body and it’s been so interesting watching his food journey. He is really into salads at the moment and recently discovered vegetable juice and smoothies and is absolutely addicted. I can’t wait to see what else I can tempt him with!

Faux turkey with cranberry sauce
Faux turkey with cranberry sauce
raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_12 (Large)
Sweet potato and cranberry salad
raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_09 (Large)
Pesto stuffed mushrooms
raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_08 (Large)
Cheesy cucumber bites
raw_uncooking_class_foodlyaffair_14 (Large)
Maple cherry bombs

If you’re interested in going raw then I absolutely recommend a raw (un)cooking class. It’s a great way to be introduced to the entire process of buying and (un)cooking raw food as well as picking up heaps of great tips along the way. Plus you get to sit down and eat everything at the end! You can find some of Hannah’s upcoming classes listed here.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Thanks so much for your generous review, Kat – and with such beautiful pictures! It was lovely to meet you, and I am so glad you enjoyed your class.

    H 🙂

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