An eco Easter

eco easter baby bunny ears

Although Baby E won’t be old enough to understand Easter, I really wanted to start some family traditions that he could enjoy for years to come. I’m not religious, so for me Easter was always about spending time with family, a few chocolates and some new pajamas (that was our “thing” growing up).

So for Everett I wanted to give him the same sense of family and fun but with less sugar and unnecessary spending. Here are some ideas so far:

Good Friday: Good Friday we plan to enjoy a family breakfast with our close relatives, particularly enjoying homemade gluten free hot cross buns, something I haven’t yet tried but figure I have years to master. I LOVE hot cross buns but haven’t enjoyed them for years because of my gluten intolerance and laziness in the kitchen. But no more excuses as there are plenty of recipes out there and a great excuse to make the effort! Do you know of a good recipe? Please tell me!!

Image & recipe from
Image & recipe from

Easter Saturday: We will spend the day making our own healthy chocolate Easter eggs. In fact the week or so leading up to Easter can be spent on Easter related crafts. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard painting real egg shells can be a fun craft and what a great excuse to make quiche or even a pavlova!

I also thought this might be a great day to clean out the toy box and donate some toys (and clothes) to charity. We have a pretty strong rule on not overdoing it with toys (many of his toys are already secondhand) but I’d like to do something charitable over the Easter weekend and this would be a good place to start.

Easter Sunday: Otherwise known to kids as “Easter egg day”, I would really like to steer clear of tons of bad chocolate and foil wrap and do something different. I’ve noticed on some American blogs these little plastic eggs that can be screwed open and hold all sorts of treats – a great way to give healthy treats, coins, or whatever takes your fancy. Even better, these eggs can be placed in the garden for a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt. And even better yet, the plastic eggs can be reused every year.

blank wood eggs painted
image and eggs from

I also found these gorgeous wooden eggs, but they are expensive compared to the plastic version. Though it would be something to consider buying only a few each year and working up to a collection.

I’m still not sure where the Easter Bunny fits into this tradition or whether we’ll go along with the farce at all! I have so many questions – Will “he” leave the plastic eggs? Does he do it all stealth like in the night like Santa? Why the heck is a bunny leaving eggs in a garden anyway? I honestly can’t remember the purpose for a chocolate giving bunny anyway, or whether I truly believed in it (unlike Santa who I truly believed was real!).

When I googled the history of the Bunny, and other Easter traditions, I found most of them were conceived as a pagan Spring tradition, with eggs and bunnies being symbolic of new life in Spring. Seeing we’re in the Southern Hemisphere it makes no sense! We’re still wilting with the relentless summer heat and, if anything, I’ve watched my garden die, not spring to life! Either way, I think we have a bit of time on our hands to decide on the Bunny situation and an Easter egg hunt is fun regardless! And seeing it’s Sunday, why not a traditional Sunday roast dinner.

Easter Monday: I haven’t decided what to do on this day but I’m thinking something along the lines of spending it out and about with friends. Go on a local adventure and make the most of the public holiday and the (typically) good weather.

What are your traditions? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. zambercollections says:

    I just love this post and have read it several times. Loving your forward planning. I’m planning a home made Easter too so you’ve provided much needed inspiration and direction. Your inclusion of giving to charity is a wonderful idea. Thank you, and … Well, thankyou!

  2. Moral Fibres says:

    Oh gosh, I haven’t even thought of Easter yet – you are super organised! I love the idea of wooden/plastic eggs to fill with little things. My daughter is only 14 months, and I don’t want to give her chocolate just yet (I’m one of those strict mama’s!) so this seems like a great compromise. I also hate how Easter eggs come in a ton of packaging. So wasteful.


  3. Hattie says:

    If you find a good recipe for hot cross buns will you tell me?! Mine always come out hard as scones. Also: have you seen these bread rolls? Going to stretch my dodgy cooking skills to the max and try them.

    1. Kat says:

      I will certainly make it news if I find a good recipe! I’ve got a few on the list.

  4. Amy Gelmi says:

    I love your idea about new pj’s instead of chocolate – perfect time of year for a new pair of flannels! Have you seen quirky cooking’s gluten free hot cross buns? I haven’t tried that particular recipe of hers, but she generally does very good recipes.

  5. Rebecca says:

    As an enviro, I urge Aussie parents to consider the ‘Easter Bilby’ instead of the ‘Easter Bunny’ 🙂

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