12 dates : January


12 dates_january3 (Large)

January was the first month PJ got to see some action out of his Christmas gift. As I discussed in more detail here I made him a box of 12 dates, one a month for a year, and each month is a surprise.

So what was January? Being the middle of summer in Australia it was a simple icecream date. I have made sure our gifts start simple (while Baby E is still little) and get increasingly more ‘exciting’ as he gets older.

12 dates_january2 (Large)

We visited our local favourite icecream place Cafe Gelato (also a photo lab!) and indulged in two scoops. Indulgent because I’m meant to be on a bit of a sugar free diet (more on that later).

And in case you’re wondering I had Butterscotch and Ferrero flavours. It was sooooooo good. Now I just need to print some photos so I have an excuse to go back there and ‘eat gelato while I wait’!




12 dates_january1 (Large)

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