I heart Hulbert Street… even more!

We visited the annual Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta yesterday and it was just like I remember it: inspirational, educational but most of all fun! It was even bigger than last year (I blogged about it for the first time here) but I saw it with new eyes as a new Mum. I realised how it’s a great family event as a way to introduce sustainability into children’s (and adult’s) lives. Here are some images from the day!

yes, yes you did
this doesn’t even show how busy it was!
Fellow online eco enthusiasts “Olive on Blonde” Em (check out her blog here) and Simone (check out her blog here) with their hearts ready to hang on the Sustainabilitree (in the background)

A kid hanging his wishes onto the Sustainabilitree
VIP bike parking
Me and my good friend Em (Olive on Blonde) and her belly!

Sand sculpting!
Cute kids selling homemade treats
Me and Baby E!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Simone says:

    Woops, have not been keeping up with blog reading and only just spotted this post while googling ‘bike love’. There’s me!
    And the awesome Hulbert St! 🙂 I’m facilitating my first Living Smart course atm (livingsmart.org.au) and Shani is our mentor, so good!


    1. Kat says:

      Haha you must have felt like a celebrity! One day I will do that course – ONE DAY!!!!!

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