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Father’s day (aka “Sausage Day”)


So Father’s Day is this weekend! It’s also (my partner) PJ’s first Father’s Day since baby E came along in May. I asked him to think about what kind of tradition he’d like to start. We don’t like unnecessary gift giving (you could say Father’s Day has become just another consumerist holiday) so we had to come up with something special to celebrate the day. And do you know what he came up with?


Yep. You read right. And no, its not a euphemism for something else, he really does wants Father’s Day to always revolve around sausages. Although he has been influenced by my vegetarian cooking he is still quite the carnivore and sausage fan it seems! In Perth we have a few restaurants that are sausage focused, such as Duckstein Brewery and the new Snags & Sons. If we want to cook at home we can have sausages for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The options are actually pretty endless! I’m looking forward to coming up with new and interesting ways to cook with sausages!

He also decided that whilst gifts are unnecessary, the exception to the rule will be homemade gifts. Sounds good to me!

So what are you doing for Father’s Day? Do you have a Father’s Day tradition that’s more about spending time with family than buying something? Do you have a no gift policy? I’d love to hear how you celebrate!

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