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The Organised Housewife challenge!

I’ve recently discovered The Organised Housewife, a blogger who shares great tips on home organisation. This blog appeals to me because I am a very organised person. I often get told I should be a party planner because I love organising so much! However in the home it’s more “organised chaos” – I know exactly where things are in a messy pile and it drives my very neat partner bonkers. It drives me bonkers too! I started a magnetic task board which has helped, but I still need tips and most of all motivation to really organise our house once and for all!

So…. I’m taking the 20 days to organise and clean your home challenge!

Why is organisation in the home important?

  • Clutter usually means unneccesary ‘stuff’, by de-cluttering you begin to realise how little you really need! I realised this recently when I took my friend’s wardrobe de-clutter challenge.
  • Clutter and disorganisation can often mean a dirty home. You can’t dust properly when you’ve got a bunch of stuff in your way! A clean home means a healthier home.
  • There’s the “messy home, messy mind” theory. Having an organised space does wonders for your clearing your head. Don’t you always feel good when the house has been freshly cleaned?

Heck, what have we got to lose? I figure this challenge should, at the very least, give me some new tricks right? At least the house will get clean!

So…… who’s gonna join me?

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