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Chia pudding

You might have heard about a super food called chia – it’s little black or white seed looking stuff. It’s even becoming popular and trendy – which is awesome! You see, chia seeds are the highest known plant source of Omega-3 (8 times more than salmon!). Unlike other sources of omega 3 (an important essential fatty acid) like flax or fish oil, chia seeds are in a highly stable form due to its powerful naturally occurring antioxidants.

Because chia is a flavourless seed, it’s such an easy way to add healthy nutrition to your daily diet. Along with omega 3, it contains Vitamins A, B12 and C, complete protein (18 Amino Acids), minerals including potassium, phosphorous, folate, zinc, iron, and calcium as well as bowel-regulating soluble and insoluble fibre. It’s even been known to help gluten intolerances!

I sprinkle chia into my smoothies, soups and stir frys. But the best discovery was learning how to make chia pudding (thanks to Sometimes Sweet) here’s how:

Chia Pudding

Makes two serves

1 x 400ml can of coconut milk (approx. 2 cups)
1/2 cup chia seeds

Mix together in a container and leave in the fridge for several hours to soak.

You can sweeten it with agave, honey or maple syrup – or simply add some fruit! Perfect for breakfast (prepared the night before), a snack or even dessert. Even better for kids as a healthy, sugar-free alternative. I love that I can prepare this for breakfast the night before.


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