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Kudos : Zilch Natural Deodorant

A reader asked me what beauty products I used so I’d start with deodorant – an infamous chemical laden nasty in our bathroom cabinet!

Deodorant (or in particular antipersperant deodorant) is one of those nasty products that seem to be a necessary evil. But you really have to stop and think about how unnatural and potentially dangerous it must be to stop the body from sweating (a necessary function of the body). But most people would rather risk block ducts and lymph nodes and potentially even cancer just so they don’t smell. Nobody wants to be the smelly kid – I get it!

But I would rather not stuff around with my body like that on a daily basis. I’d much rather wear a natural deodorant and reapply it throughout the day. Who honestly needs “24 hour protection” every day? Though I totally understand the need for it in certain occasions. The only time I’ll wear one (because I still have an old bottle of conventional deodorant lying around) is if I’m attending something like a wedding on a hot day – that’s the only time you’d need something close to 24 hour protection from sweating and smelling!

So here is my current favourite, Wild Earth’s “Zilch” Natural Deodorant (or as they call it “Antiodorant”. To be honest I was initially put off by the seemingly “hippy” packaging, it makes me think it will be so “alternative” that it probably won’t work (the term “smelly hippy” comes to mind!) BUT I bought it anyway as it was the only deodorant available at the time and I’m glad I did.

Zilch has a pleasant smell, is conveniently packaged and most importantly it’s aluminium free, zinc free, synthetic fragrance free, paraben free, alcohol free, propylene glycol free, triclosan free and talc free. It’s main ingredients are organic aloe and essential oils. I used it while pregnant in the heat of Australian summer and found it worked quite well. I only ever noticed a sweat smell at the end of the day and I hadn’t reapplied since the morning’s initial application. Like most natural deodorants, regular reapplications would be necessary to stay “stink free”!

I really like supporting an Australian company who are committed to producing high quality natural products.


This will be a new regular thing on the blog where I give kudos to some favoured “things” in my life, most of them will obviously be well respected & ethical etc. I got the idea after a reader asked what beauty products I use. I figured why not keep it up as a regular thing? I am a big fan of the word-of-mouth promotion of good products or places or “things”. I typically don’t even go to a restaurant unless it gets a good review! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Stephanie says

    Hi Kat,
    Will have to look out for Zilch. Did you get it at a health food store? Some Perth-made products you may/may not have heard of which I use (nope, I don’t work for either company).
    http://www.bodyscents.com.au Made in Perth, natural, sometimes organic skincare.
    Seven Wonders hair care (would have to google it). Again, made in Perth, Natural with some organic ingredients.
    No nasties from either company! And not expensive either🙂

    • Hi Stephanie!

      I buy alot of my beauty products from Bkind in Subiaco (http://www.bkind.com.au/) which is where I got Zilch. Thanks for the heads up on Body Scents! Another deodorant brand I’ve used and like (also Perth based) is Fresca (http://www.frescanatural.com.au/welcome/). I use Seven Wonders haircare but I didn’t realise they were Perth based! I’ll definitely be giving them kudos later on!


      • Stephanie says

        well I think they are…. they have a Bayswater or Ballajura address so I just assumed they are actually made here. Even if Australian-made it at least is better than an import from overseas!

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