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July 2012 Made On The Left Markets

I’m a big fan of the Made On The Left Markets as they support West Australian creative talent (now you understand the name!). I headed in yesterday with my baby and sister in tow. The new venue at The State Theatre Centre (love that entrance!) was pretty good and it was great to have proper toilet facilities! There were so many pretty things there! As per the norm there was a serious lack of baby boy stuff (so much cute baby girl stuff!) but at least I walked away with a warm hat to wear. Don’t worry, I paid for it!

(above) State Theatre Centre entrance

(above) The markets were underground!

(above) Tea Party at Lucy’s, where I bought a new hat!

(above) Anna Hadwin Crochet Toys – I really wanted that little red head doll! I was wearing a teal bow in my hair too!

(above) Dizzy Daisy

(above) Fluid Ink

These macarons weren’t at the markets, we went on the hunt for them! Hazelnut, Passionfruit and Salted Caramel! YUM!

If you don’t want to miss the next Made On The Left Markets, then ‘like’ them on Facebook!

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