Mothers Day for the non-consumerist

Baked saffron pancakes with forest berries from

Blah I kinda hate Mothers Day. It used to be a cute day as a kid where you’d make your Mum a macaroni necklace, cook her breakfast in bed and just generally be well behaved and nice to her for a day. Oh how things have changed. TV is overrun with ‘Special Mothers Day Shopping’ advertisements along the lines of “Tell your Mum you love her….  with this 18 carot gold necklace”. Yeah right. Since when did buying something tell your Mum that you love her?

So I thought I’d share with you my family’s Mothers Day tradition…… BREAKFAST. Yep, it’s that simple. Nothing says ‘I love you’ than a wholesome homecooked meal. Our family all get together and my sister and I cook all the Mums (Aunts, Grandmas etc) a breakfast (or sometimes brunch) and generally celebrate the Mums and their awesomeness. For my Mum, having me cook her something delicious and gluten free is a real treat (you’re rarely catered for when you’re gluten intolerant!).

Some delicious food I’ve kept my eye on that might be cooked up this Sunday:

Unfortunately I miss out by only a few weeks on having my first Mothers Day. I’m still trying to figure out whether becoming a mother myself means my sister has to do everything next year? Hmmmm.

Gluten Free Wholegrain Strawberry Muffins from

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