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DIY magnetic task board

I’m about to become a fulltime mother and housekeeper. This means that jobs that used to be done on weekends as a joint effort and only when we had the time…. has now become my sole responsibility. The idea is daunting and I haven’t been very good at it so far. It’s so easy to have the whole day disappear without anything being achieved (and I don’t even have the crying baby yet!). I also have to fit in part-time study around it all. I’ve tried different things, like a to-do list diary and planning out my days in the calendar on my phone but nothing seemed to work. Until now.

I had this old unused Ikea black magnet board which used to be attached to the wall when we had a home office (this room is now a nursery!). I used it at one point to make a six week renovation plan using post-its, which was amazingly helpful and where this whole idea stemmed from.

You see I’m one of those people that needs to visualise something before I can grasp it. I’m also an ‘organiser’. So when I came up with this idea I felt like a genius. It’s perfect for me but might not work for everyone, but I can see it being tailored to suit other people and their circumstances!

How to make the Eco Empire task board (or “Mummy Board”)

You will need:

  • Magnetic board (I used black)
  • Paint pen (I used white)
  • Self adhesive flexible magnetic rubber squares (they usually come pre-cut in A4 sheets)

I used an old magentic board from Ikea though this particular version is no longer available. They do have something similar in silver. Though I’m sure you can find magentic boards through office supply stores.

The magnetic rubber was bought in A4 size which was pre-cut to 2cm x 4cm pieces. The back is self adhesive so you can stick it to paper or whatever you like.


I mapped out the size of the board and made calculations for the Monday to Sunday columns. Once the measurements had been calculated I carefully drew in the columns using the paint pen.

I used Microsoft Word to create 2cm x 4cm coloured labels for the magnets. I colour coded the tasks into groups as a quick visual reference (i.e. blue = laundry related, orange = housework related etc).

I chose to split up some of the tasks into ‘hour long’ sessions. For example I had ‘basic bathroom clean’ and ‘heavy bathroom clean’. I also had ‘dust & vacuum’ and ‘wash floors’ as separate pieces. I even had a magnet for hour long study sessions knowing full well a baby might disrupt anything longer than that. I felt it was better to split up the tasks so you could really map out your day, and have the ability to shift certain tasks to the next day if you ran out of time.

I cut each task out and stuck it to the magnet pieces.

That’s all there is to it!

I think this will be a really useful tool in mapping out my day and week and not forgetting anything. Especially for my studies, if I don’t manage to do it one day I will shift those magnet tasks to the next day – which will mean I can visually see my workload increasing per day and arrange everything accordingly.

I think this could even be tailored to work for family chores and full-time students! Do you think a task board could help you?

Note: The photo magnets are Instagram photos made into magnets. You can order them through Stickygram. You can also follow Eco Empire on Instagram (just search for “EcoEmpire”!)


  1. I really want to make this now! Working two casually jobs and uni (days which change each week) can be difficult to keep track of. Currently I write all over my mirror with a whiteboard marker.

    • I like the mirror idea too! My magentic board is working really well so far, I just had to shift a few magnet tasks to tomorrow because I didn’t get them done today – makes it so easy to visually understand your workload!

      • Totally! I have a phone app which is quite good like that, but I like the physical and always prefer something I can move – like magnets!

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