DIY Upcycled Cake Stands

What can we do with all these mismatched plates?

With a babyshower coming up I really wanted cake stands for all the food, but didn’t think it was worth the cost of buying brand new cake stands for just one party. I had seen some great DIY cake stands on Pinterest and blogs I follow and decided this was the way to go, so I asked my girlfriends if they’d like to make cake stands too and we made a day of it!

This tutorial uses mismatching thrifted plates and glasses that you no longer use.

Super Simple DIY Cake Stands

What you’ll need:

  • Secondhand plates of different sizes
  • Glasses or vases to act as the stand
  • Glue
  • Setup stuff (newspaper, masking tape etc)

First you need to raid your excess or unused crockery and glassware (or even better, your Mum or Grandma’s) or do what we did – raid your local thrift store. We sat on the floor at the local thrift store going through all their mismatched plates and glasses coming up with good combos. If you have some ugly patterned plates you could always paint over them like this DIY from Punky & Me – but we decided to keep it simple (and less toxic) and loved the kitsch plates we found.

Next we planned out how the stand would work (in what order) and made sure it looked ok. We also had to decide what way the glassware would stand (upside down vs right way up).

We all had different ways of measuring the center of the plate – mainly using judgement and some tape for guidance, and then checking it with a ruler. We found that you couldn’t just use a ruler as the plates themselves were imperfect.

Gluing the glassware to the plates and setting aside to dry. We immediately balanced other things on top of them to make sure they were straight.

We glued our first plate to the first glass by painting the rim of the glass and placing it on the plate. We set it aside to dry and had a girly chat!

When the first plate and glass combos were dry we repeated the process with the rest of the plates. We decided on three tiers which meant three plates (saucer, entree and dinner plates) and two glasses.  My friend Michelle even bought a matching teacup to go on the top her stand (not glued) so you could place dip or sauce in it for savoury food!

And here is the finished product:

The best part? Each stand cost $3.

I’ll be using mine (AND borrowing the girl’s) cake stands for the babyshower and can’t wait to see what they look like covered in delicious food!

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  1. Lovely! I’m fascinated by cake stands! What glue did you use? White craft glue? I’ve got a hot glue gun, you’d reckon it would work too? Thanks!

    1. Kat says:

      Of all the craft glues I had to choose from only a few specifically stated that they worked on glass and ceramics so I can’t say for certain if your hot glue will work, but I’d say give it a go!

      1. Do you mind letting me know the name or brand? Thanks!

  2. Wow how cool is that! What a great idea for a baby shower / party

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