A local weekend getaway in Instagram photos


There’s nothing better than getaway weddings – the kind that ‘forces’ you to travel to lovely locations. This past weekend I was ‘forced’ to spend four days in Eagle Bay, three hours south of Perth. It’s located on Geographe Bay and surrounded by wine vineyards and gourmet delights. I love this area for its passion for nature and being very ‘local’ focused. Isn’t it great that I can drive my fuel efficient car (with fuel consumption at around 7.4l/100km) for only three hours and find myself in paradise?

Here are some snaps from the weekend!

The view from our rented holiday house - of Geographe Bay

My favourite cafe "Kombi Cafe" at the Samudra surf and yoga centre. They have a huge vegetable garden where a lot of the food comes from. This is a raw, gluten free, vegan pizza!

Decorations from the wedding (a great upcycling idea!)

Lunch at Cullen Winery - an organic and biodynamic winery whose restaurant serves organic, biodynamic and locally sourced food.

Visiting the local beaches, baby bump and all. This is in Eagle Bay.

And one last stop at the Kombi Cafe - a (gluten free & vegan) live raw muesli with nut milk

With baby on the way it’s great to know a simple three hour car ride can provide a holiday in paradise, which is ALSO super kid friendly. There is so much yet to explore and I am excited knowing I’ll be spending the next few years discovering more wonders, so close to home.

Have you found YOUR local paradise?

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