Meat Free Monday : Garlic Mushroom Pasta


This is a staple favourite in my house – because it’s easy and quick to make (roughly the time it will take to boil the pasta) and because it’s so simply delicious!

This is the kind of meal where you want to use good mushrooms. I buy mine from a mushroom vendor at my local farmers markets which comes in an assortment pack. If you’re going to buy supermarket mushrooms go for the meatier field mushrooms over your basic button mushrooms.

Garlic Mushroom Pasta

(Serves Two)

What you need

  • Packet of fresh or packet pasta (my gluten free pasta only comes in hard form)
  • Mushrooms (enough to fill a dinner plate)
  • Garlic (I use two heaped tablespoons – but I really love garlic!)
  • Greens (either spinach, green beans or broccoli – enough to fill half a dinner plate)
  • Fresh Parmesan cheese (at least half a cup full)
  • Olive Oil (locally sourced!)
  • Large frypan


Before you do anything, put the kettle on to boil the water. While that’s boiling get our your frypan, frypan lid, the food, etc etc.

Start boiling the pasta. *Note* If you are using fresh pasta you will need to keep an eye on it as it cooks much faster than packet pasta.

In a frypan, on low heat, heat up a few splashes of olive oil and garlic and keep a lid on the pan.

Wash and chop your mushrooms and greens.

If you are using a hard green (broccoli or green beans) add them to the frypan now  and stir into the oil and garlic, then replace the lid.

After you can see the hard greens start to go soft, place mushrooms in frypan and stir (ensuring the oil and garlic are mixing in well) add more olive oil if necessary. If you are using spinach instead of hard greens, add your spinach now, only placing on top of the mushrooms (the leaves don’t want to touch the actual frypan).

By now your pasta should be ready, place in a colander to drain.

Turn off the frypan heat and keep the lid on.

Get the drained pasta and place it into the frypan, adding a bit more oil for lubrication. Stir it all together. Place the lid back on.  *Note* if your frypan isn’t big enough, place it all into a large bowl and cover with a dinner plate to keep the heat in.

Now grate your Parmesan cheese. Place it on top of the pasta and mix.

It’s now ready to serve!

NOTE:  Keeping the lid on your frypan or cookware ensures you retain heat in the pan, which lessens the cooking time and saves energy.

Meat Free Monday is campaign started by ex-Beatles star Paul McCartney: “By giving up meat for one day each week you can save money, reduce your environmental impact and live a healthier life”

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