Exposure to toxins – from birth and beyond

I came across this great video from TED about a documentary filmmaker Penelope Jagessar Chaffer’s curiosity with the toxins exposed to unborn babies. With the help of scientist Tyrone Hayes, they discuss just one toxin – atrazine, a herbicide used on corn.

This video isn’t just for pregnant women, it’s an excellent representation of how something you can’t even see, but could unknowingly consume every day, can negatively affect you and future generations.

I’ve personally experienced what toxins can do to my body. When I was eleven I started randomly vomiting every day. This was on top of the various rashes, headaches and other ‘tell-tale signs’ I had been experiencing for years. The GP sent me to an allergy specialist who had no answers. It was only when my mother tried a Kinesiologist that we finally discovered that a red colouring (found in all sorts of things – my food, shampoo, nailpolish etc) had caused my body to have a toxic overload – that was just the final straw. Once I went on a toxic free life-diet I was immediately cured. Whilst my mother was always into wholesome cooking and healthy living, I had still been exposed to enough toxins, at age eleven, to tip my body over the edge.  This was a huge lesson for our family and we were forever educated on the importance of natural, organic products – free from toxins.

In the last few years I’ve become even more stringent with living a toxic free life, which I had fortunately achieved before discovering I was pregnant. When I started reading the holistic and green baby books, they made me realise that creating the best (and healthiest) environment for your unborn baby starts with YOU – your body is the first environment the baby experiences, so of course it’s the first place you should start. But why wait until you’re pregnant to improve your personal environment?

Fortunately I have already made all the essential changes to my life that they prescribed, this includes:

  • Organic food – means no pesticides.
  • Home prepared wholesome food – know exactly what’s in your food and have no unnecessary extras.
  • Organic & natural (no toxins) makeup and body care – your body absorbs through the skin and you wear makeup and moisturiser all day long!
  • Chemical free house cleaning – only a combination of water & microfiber cloths, or otherwise natural ingredients such as vinegar.
  • Plant and mineral based laundry and dish washing detergents – you wear clothes and you eat off plates, so why shouldn’t they be toxic free?

I’ve also found that being sustainable and living toxic free tend to go hand-in-hand. Sustainable living means treating the planet like you’d want to treat your body – with absolute care and respect!

I’ve decided to share my abovementioned experiences in toxic free living in future posts so you can see how easy it can be. Sometimes I forget that I even live toxic free, it’s that easy!

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