DIY This Valentines Day

Valentines Day, albeit a great excuse to do something romantic with your loved one, has also become one of the most commercialised and NON-eco days of the year with pointless and unnecessary gift buying at its worse. It has almost made me boycot the day altogether…. if it weren’t for my love of all things DIY.

Don’t buy into the marketing hype that the only way to show your loved one that you love them is by spending money – on expensive gifts, flowers, stuffed toys or balloons – what has that got to do with love? For my partner and I, we’ve had a rule for the past six years that the only ‘gifts’ you can get each other are: (a) an experience (b) something you eat (c) something you made.

So this year, I’m going for (b) and (c). My partner LOVES his cookies so what better way to show him I love him than with some that are appropriately shaped?

Love Heart Cookies

This gift cost me $2 (for the heart shaped cookie cutter) and the ingredients for the cookies were already in my pantry.

I decided to go for gingerbread cookies, they’re easy to shape, easy to bake, great for decorating, and delicious!

I got my recipe from my old Junior Cookbook (of all places!) – but there are a ton of recipes on the internet. Decide what cookie you want to bake (or what your partner enjoys the most) and google it!

I went the typical love heart shaped cookies, but if your loved one prefers chocolate chip you won’t be able to shape these cookies. So instead consider spelling “I LOVE YOU” in choc chips (one letter per cookie)!

I decided that on top of the love heart cookies, I’d also spell out a little message for my partner. I just shaped the letters with a knife.

Not a baker?

Baking cookies isn’t for everyone, so here are some other great ideas that are straight from the heart and won’t cost the earth:

  • A super special homemade dinner (something your partner loves, or something you’ve always wanted to try).
  • Breakfast in bed is a beautiful way to wake your loved one up and a great excuse to eat a yummy breakfast together in bed (or in the kitchen if you’re partner is too clumsy!).
  • A loungeroom picnic where you put a picnic rug in the middle of your loungeroom and eat your dinner finger food style. Ofcourse you can always have a traditional picnic in your backyard too!
  • A surprise lunch at work – rock up at your partners office and take them out to lunch. Or if surprising them is too difficult, drop off a little handmade gift or love letter, it’s all about the surprise.

Yes, most of these ideas revolve around food at home. As Valentines Day more often than not, falls on a weekday, there isn’t much left to do after work than eat dinner. Plus I don’t know about you, but going to a restaurant full of gooey eyed, loved up strangers is a little off putting!

I hope you bake (or make) with love this Valentines Day!

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