My local fair trade, recycled and organic shop

I love my neighbourhood. Victoria Park is an old suburb in Perth with a pretty good sense of community. It started becoming even greater with the addition of an awesome cafe with great coffee, a book store, even a place to buy healthy smoothies and gluten free food – slowly but surely it’s getting everything I need so that soon I’ll never have to leave the neighbourhood! I even have my doctor, dentist and hairdresser here. But I feel like the icing on the cake was when I discovered U-Chus Fair Trade, Recycled and Organic Shop.

I am so embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know I had a fair trade store right near my house – walking distance in fact. It was only recently that I noticed it and have been trying desperately to visit the store since!

I met Glennys, the owner, when I arrived. Straight away you can tell that Glennys is really passionate and hands on about what she does. Both herself and her husband try to source great fair trade products from around the world – even visiting the countries themselves!

Glennys told me that U-Chus started as a party plan business where she would bring the products to your home for you to ‘shop’ with a bunch of friends. What a great idea for pre-Christmas! AND she still does it!

As she explains on the website; by purchasing from the U-Chus exclusive range of products at either the shop in East Victoria Park, online or through a party plan, they guarantee:

  • Excellent quality, unique designs and affordable prices
  • A fair price is paid to producers
  • No child labour, sweatshops or any other forms of exploitation in the production process
  • Long-term economic security for producers through regular trading with the same groups
  • Wherever possible organic, sustainable, or recycled materials are used to reduce any negative impacts on the environment.
And let’s not forget, supporting a local business is great too.

I’m so proud to get familiar and support all the businesses in my neighbourhood and to see some really great people trying to make a difference in the world. You should check out your closest fair trade, recycled or organic store. It’s great to know where you can shop for a great gift, something unique, but most of all something ethical!

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  1. Glennys says:

    Thanks Kat, hope all going well with you and the heat not to bitey. Love the blog about my store. It is certainly up to us as individuals to try where possible to make a difference.You are certainly making a difference with your informative Blog.Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that East Victoria Park is the place to be! All the best Glennys, U-chus

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