DIY Homemade Chocolate Gift

Buying presents can be really hard, unnecessary or outside the budget. There’s nothing worse than the guilt of wanting to buy a present but not knowing what to buy and then just buying something for the sake of it. In the past I often bought nothing at all, but that’s even worse!

So lately, I’ve been experimenting with homemade gifts. Things that might take you a while to create (your time is worth something!) but fairly inexpensive, and ideally using recycled things. It started with the Christmas Brooches I made some girlfriends for a Christmas dinner, made out of leftover fabric and thrifted buttons the only real effort was my time. But not everyone is crafty.

So here is a super simple gift that most people are sure to enjoy – because who doesn’t like CHOCOLATE?

DIY Homemade Chocolate Gifts

What you need:

  • Melting chocolate
  • An assortment of nuts (or be even more creative! Such as coconut, pretzels etc)
  • A glass or metal bowl (or something that can withstand heat)
  • A saucepan that is smaller than the bowl
  • A baking tray (make sure it can fit in your fridge)
  • A recycled jar and lid
  • A piece of scrap fabric (a little more than the diameter of the jar lid)
  • A ribbon (You can always use the hanging straps that get cut off new clothes)


Decide now what you want to do with your nuts (or alternative fillings). Crush them? Keep them whole? Whatever you need to do, do it now. I crushed my nuts (hazelnuts and cashews) into smaller pieces, though you can still keep them whole.


Boil water in the kettle then place in the saucepan with the heat on medium to high. Now place your bowl on top of the saucepan (it should not fit right into the saucepan but rest on top). Place the melting chocolate into the bowl.


Occasionally stir the chocolate to ensure it melts consistently. Once it starts to fully melt stir it more often until it is smooth (with no more hard chocolate left). You can now turn off the heat but don’t remove the bowl (it will help keep the chocolate melted)


Place your nuts (or alternative fillings) into the bowl and mix it up. Mix the whole lot until all the nuts are covered in chocolate.


Using a spoon, place small pieces onto the baking tray. Once done, place the tray in the fridge to set.


Get your jar and ensure it is absolutely clean. Ensure there are no smells from whatever was previously in there. Remove the label (soaking in hot water).

Now get your scrap fabric and place the lid of the jar on top of it, trace a circle around the jar that is at least 1cm MORE than the jar. Cut the circle.

Once your jar is ready and the chocolates are set, you can now place the chocolates into the jar, place the lid on, place the fabric circle on top and tie a ribbon around it! *note: it’s even easier if you put an elastic band around the fabric and THEN tie the ribbon.

The gift can be kept in the fridge until you’re ready to hand it over!

How easy is that?

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