Learn how to live smart with a sustainability course

image from http://www.livingsmart.org.au

If you’ve made (or wanted to make) a resolution to be more green in 2012, but you’re not sure how to do it, then why not do a Living Smart course!?

The Living Smart program was developed with these objectives:

  • Increase awareness of sustainability issues.
  • Create positive change in environmental behaviour among participants.
  • Support and strengthen community relationships.

This weekly course covers handy hints on saving water, gas & energy, transport & waste management, safe use of household chemicals, indoor air quality, biodiversity & healthier and happier lifestyles.

Best of all the course is only $20 per household, and is a combination of presentations, workshops, goal setting and field trips. You can check out when the next course starts here.

Living Smart are well known in the eco-conscious Perth community with their course even sprouting a monthly meeting group (aptly made Living Smarties) so those completing the course can still meet up and share their achievements and stories with likeminded folk.

“Participants who attend the course are experiencing happier, healthier, more responsible and positive lifestyles. A Living Smart lifestyle will improve your quality of life and reduce your impact on the environment. If this is the sort of lifestyle that you want to lead but somehow haven’t found the time or motivation to actually do it then Living Smart is the program for you. Living Smart will teach you valuable skills, provide you with specific information, keep you motivated, give you an opportunity to meet like-minded people and can be a whole lot of fun.”

If you’re not in Perth why don’t you investigate other local sustainability groups in your area?

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  1. bruisemouse says:

    This is such a valuable course. I did one last year and loved it. I’m thinking about doing the facilitators course this year.

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