My guest post at Recycled Fashion

2011 was the year I achieved a few resolutions by the way of the 3Things Project by Oxfam, one of them being to become an Ethical Fashionista. This involved upcycling and recycling clothes. During this time I discovered a mass of great blogs out there who were doing the same thing, one of them was Recycled Fashion.

Recycled Fashion’s motto is awesome:

So, when the lovely Erica from Recycled Fashion decided to take some much deserved time off over Christmas, I offered to do a guest post on my favourite recycled fashion item: the scarf! One of the easiest things to find in a thrift store, and one of the easiest fashion accessories to achieve – I wanted to show everyone my favourite accessory.

You can check out my guest post here.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. A pleasure to welcome you to Recycled Fashion! Thank you so much for your inspiring, and well written blog post x

  2. London Jobs says:

    Thank you for such nice information, i really like this. Hope to see such things from you in future also.

    Best Regards.

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