DIY Reusable Christmas Bon Bons

Everybody loves a Christmas bon bon but they seem like an incredible waste by the end of the day; the heavily decorated cardboard they are made out of is usually not recyclable, the useless plastic toys inside are thrown in the bin and the jokes are usually awful! So, when I was at the fabric store and saw some lovely fabric I got a great idea – reusable Christmas bon bons that can be reused for years and years to come!!

Not hosting Christmas this year? You could still offer to bring the bon bons instead of food (which there nearly always is too much of right?). What a great way to impress everyone!

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric – enough to make the maximum amount of bon bons you’ll ever need, I got enough to make 20 even though we only have 16 guests this year
  • Ribbon or similar – You’ll need about 2 x 20cm pieces per bon bon
  • Cardboard rolls – enough for your guests plus a few spare! Either upcycle your toilet rolls, or ask the fabric store if they have any cardboard rolls they will spare
  • Scissors – preferably fabric scissors, but regular scissors will do
  • Goodies – to fill the bon bons with!

What to do:

Step One:
Have everything out ready to go.

  • Measure out your fabric into rectangles. I made a pretty rough measurements at the shops when buying my fabric, enough to wrap the fabric around the cardboard roll one and a half times, and then with enough fabric hanging out either end. When I got the fabric home I simply folded it neatly into the rectangles and made rough cuts from there. If you buy too much, don’t worry – I have plenty of ideas coming up for that extra fabric!
  • Cut your ribbon and ensure the ends don’t fray. Several techniques include a special spray you can buy from fabric or craft stores, painting the ends in clear nailpolish, or carefully burning the end of the ribbon with a flame (using a lighter, very quickly ‘dip’ the very edge of the ribbon into the blue flame and it should fuse the ends).
  • Have your bon bon goodies handy. I would suggest some sweet treats and printing out small jokes, riddles, fun Christmas facts or even questions for the dinner table (like “If you had to take one thing on a deserted island…”). If you’re really generous you can even put small gifts inside.

Step Two:
Place your bon bon goodies into the cardboard roll. I chose nougat (a traditional Spanish Christmas treat), chocolate, a mint and some fun Christmas facts for everyone to share at the dinner table.

Step Four:
Place the filled cardboard roll into the middle of the fabric rectangle and then grabbing one edge of the fabric, roll the cardboard roll with the fabric until it meets the other end.


Step Five:
Now that you have rolled up the fabric, tie the ends with the ribbon.

How simple is that?

On Christmas day once everyone’s opened their bon bons, simply collect all the fabric and ribbon pieces and fold it neatly to save it for next year. Nothing to throw out. Easy peasy!

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