A bucket a day…

It’s that time of year again Australian folks, summer is here and so are the water restrictions!

As an Australian you’ve been told time and time again to have short showers, but there’s even more you can do to save water.

If you’ve got plants or a garden, a great (and super easy) way of save water is to shower with a bucket. Doesn’t sound very romantic I know, but  by having the bucket at your feet, you can capture enough water to fill the bucket and then it can be used on the garden. I use my shower bucket to water all my pot plants or any plants that look like they need some extra love and care during the heat!

A word of warning before you start – in our house we use environmentally safe shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and regular soap – which is safe for use on plants. If you don’t use these kinds of products keep an eye on your plants to make sure they do not suffer from a chemical laden mixture – if they do, I would recommend you stop using the products yourself!

The Water Corporation say that long showers make the bathroom the greediest user of domestic water inside the home* which means it’s one of the first places we should try to make a difference. When the average shower can use more than 15 litres a minute* saving just one bucket (of about 10 litres) is a small but significant start. If you did this once a day all summer, you could save a whopping 900 litres of water!

Get your buckets out and start today!


* Facts from the Water Corporation.


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