I Heart Hulbert Street

Yesterday I visited the Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta in (you guessed it) Hulbert Street, Fremantle.

The Fiesta began in 2008 by residents Shani and Tim after they held a successful Solar Power Day at the newly opened Painted Fish in 2007 (sustainable, carbon neutral bed and breakfast accomodation at #37 Hulbert Street). They realised people were eager to check out a ‘real’ operational sustainable house for themselves and since then the festivals have only gotten bigger and better.

The Painted Fish Studio Accomodation - open for viewing at the Sustainability Fiesta

The idea behind the Fiesta was:

1) Celebrate Sustainable Living in Hulbert Street and to

2) Inspire others to take on sustainable actions

The two open homes (the Painted Fish accomodation, and Tim and Shani’s own home) were labelled with relevant information as to how each part of the homes had been made sustainable.

An aquaponics system, a system where the fish waste from the fish pool below is fed into (and fertilises) the vegetables above, then drains through the special garden bed and back into the water. The fish are primarily used for food.

Shani and Tim also started the Living Smart courses that teach and mentor people to live sustainably. Their passion for inspiring people was evident by the fact that they were so open and happy for people to walk around their own home. Their new business venture ecoburbia is underway, though not live yet. Keep checking this space!

Wild Horses craft stall selling jewellery made from recycled pieces

There were many stalls along the street selling or promoting different sustainable things. From solar power to recycled fashion to food stalls and community farms. It was amazing how creative people are with recycling old into new. Everybody was so friendly and open to chat.

Some of my favourite stalls are above and below.

Recycled tyre garden pots (email patti@wellnesscoach.net.au if you are interested)
The Rethinked stall - glasses made from recycled beer bottles

I think the best part was the attitude and inspiration that Hulbert Street has to offer. There was such a great sense of community and everyone was so open and happy to help out. Even down to the fact that none of the stalls selling drinks used disposable plastic cups – they all used plastic cups from their own homes which they re-washed and used again (trusting that the public would bring them back!).

The Organic Collective - An online organic fruit & vegetable (and other produce) store that delivers in the Perth Metro area.
The Raw Macaw stall - selling lots of delicious raw products
There were many bikes parked around Hulbert Street. When I took this photo I was approached by the owner who was selling it (and other refurbished bikes) - Em ended up taking it home!
The Guerilla Garden - so named because they've just used empty council land without permission!

If you missed out this year, then make a mental note to attend next year. It’s definitely an inspiring street!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mark Ehlers says:

    Loved it – one of the most relaxing days I have ever had.

  2. Em says:

    Penelope looks rather pretty!!! 🙂

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