My plastic fantastic bag

I found the amazing Bags Revolt  stall at the last Made on the Left Market and instantly fell in love with this bag (which I subsequently bought).

I love the colours. I love the size. I love the fact that it’s made from old plastic bags!

Talk about an upcycling hero!

Venezuelan born artist Patricia Acuña has only lived in Perth since February last year and we’re sadly losing her to the East Coast soon! According to her blog, Patricia decided to weave her own bags after moving to Perth and subsequently took sewing and weaving lessons, but it was her decision to use old plastic bags that really make her products special.

It is clear from the business card/product tag that came with the bag and also from her website, that Patricia supports a sustainable world and has chosen to use plastic for weaving in order to create awareness of the environmental problems plastic bags and other household ‘junk’ is causing.

“The problem I have set out to tackle is the plastic phenomenon. The alchemy of transforming common “trash” into gold. It is a mix of innovation and tradition, as the plastic bags get woven and sewn into a common objects, Art or Any-Thing Beautiful!”

Although her products may not be readily available for much longer, her blog has some great information about plastic problems and how she is creatively trying to not only create awareness, but upcycle the ‘junk’ into something brand new and beautiful!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Kat,

    I love the bag. Have you seen the campaign Plastic Free Freo?

    Would you be interested in running a workshop for community members to weave plastic bags?

    Awesome stuff.


    1. Kat says:

      Thanks Lisa! I LOVE it. I wish I knew how to weave and could help out, but unfortunately I have no idea how! The bag was made by the lovely Patricia of Bags Revolt ( who would have been able to teach the class if she hadn’t moved to Melbourne! I have been trying to keep my ear out about weaving classes as I think it would be such a great skill to have – but haven’t found anything in Perth… yet! Let me know if you find anything, would love to be involved!

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