Stay warm this winter – the cheap and easy way!

Perth finally got hit with some very cold weather last night and will continue this week – most people will agree it’s a bit of a shock to the system! You see Perth is known for its awesome climate where we experience pretty good weather for most of the year – so it’s pretty uneconomical to install an expensive heating device when we only really experience about two months of ‘really cold’ weather. Most of our homes are not properly insulated for this kind of weather so it can get very cold inside. Even if you have a heater it can be uneconomical to run a heating device which will take a lot of energy (and thus money) to heat an entire room – especially with the growing trend of open plan living means that living space is even larger.

What is the cheap and easy solution?

The good ol’ hot water bottle. Yep – remember those from your childhood? They still exist and they’re still just as efficient. The only downside is the use of water (though very little) can be wasteful (I empty the cooled down water onto my plants).

Even better than a hot water bottle is a heat pack (can be found at your local chemist or department store) – often filled with wheat or flax seeds. These are great because you just place them in the microwave for around 3 minutes and can continue to heat them all night. They also serve an alternative purpose for heating sore muscle and joint aches.

You shouldn’t expect to pay more than $20 for one or both of these items. Certainly better than a new heater and an expensive power bill!

So this winter, put a jumper on, get a blanket, and hug yourself a hot water bottle.

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