3things can change the world

photo from http://www.3things.org.au

Changing the world, 3things at a time” – this is Oxfam’s latest initiative, and we like it. It’s such a simple concept: choose three things that you ‘pledge’ to do to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

The best thing about this concept is it’s not putting too much pressure on people to be eco warriors – just making a change to “make the world a better place” as 3things put it simply.

So last week, I chose my 3 things and pledged them on the 3things website.

What to choose?

Though I try to be a good little greenie, I’ve still got so much to learn, so I decided to push myself with things I’m keen to achieve (but haven’t have the right motivator to do so) – which I assume is the goal behind 3things, to motivate people to change.

Kat's 3things

1.      Buy organic produce

This is something I keep saying I’ll do, but not quite following through. It means going to an organic store that is only open for a few hours on Saturdays, and searching for longer to find the right stuff – but absolutely worth it in the end. I know that eating organic produce is good for me, but I can’t yet explain why. I am going to tell you all about my organic research and adventures in posts to come.

2.      Choose vintage/pre-loved clothes over brand new ‘sweatshop’ cheap clothes

This is a big one. I love fashion and I’m at the start of winter without enough warm clothes to get me through. Despite having the best intentions, it always seems easier to shop at the bargain places (which I know have been shipped directly from asian sweatshops). A great quote I saw on twitter* recently from ethical store owner EthiklWe all love a bargain, but when you are paying only $5 for a t-shirt, maybe it’s time to ask some questions…”.

I think this will be my biggest challenge and I’m going to dedicate quite a bit of time researching and documenting my ethical shopping adventures. Watch this space.

3.      Educate others by continuing to write for www.ecoempire.org

Need I say more?

When I document how I’ve travelled with my 3things challenges, I’ll let you know how these pledges can change the world.

In the meantime, you should check out the website to see what other people are pledging. After I had posted my 3things I noticed so many great ideas pledged by people that I even wondered if 3things was enough for me!

pic from http://www.3things.org.au
pic from http://www.3things.org.au
pic from http://www.3things.org.au

*You can follow EcoEmpire on twitter here

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