A retro eco babyshower!

I was probably being a big pain in the ass when I specified in my gift registry that I would prefer eco friendly gifts for my babyshower. I felt very strange ‘asking’ for presents as it was, but after a friend suggested I make a gift registry I agreed it was an excellent way to get things I actually needed and to show people what I liked – thus reducing any unwanted gifts! And it worked – I got the most gorgeous gifts from my very generous family and friends and in return I tried to throw a really fun (and delicious) retro garden tea party disguised babyshower!

As extravagant as that sounds, nearly everything from the party was DIY or homemade or just a simple case of using what we’ve already got.

The decorations such as tissue paper pom poms (as seen below) were made using this youtube tutorial. These are such easy and beautiful decorations to make, which also become reusable or recyclable. I reused my Christmas bunting (hopefully nobody noticed the little Christmas trees in the print!).

It’s almost mandatory to have games at a babyshower (mainly because the guests are usually a mixed bag of family and friends) so it’s a great way to get everyone chatting and working together. The games were all handmade by myself.

I made my own retro housewife quiz based on Dr Spock (Infamous writer of a 1950’s baby book), Betty Crocker (infamous cookbooks & baking corporation that started in the 50’s), Housekeeping based on 1950’s books on the subject, old housewife tales and retro pop culture. I’m going to share my questionnaire (and answer sheet) at the bottom of this post if you want to use it! Some of the questions (and answers) were so funny it made it lots of fun.

I also made a ‘Guess the baby photo’ game where previous to the party I asked some of my guests to send me a baby photo. I hung all the pictures up on an old pallet and used pegs to hold the photos in place. I numbered all the baby photos and strung them at the bottom, then I hung the person’s current day photo on a above (in a different order) and made everyone guess what baby photo is who.

We also played baby bingo while I opened my gifts to make it more entertaining for everyone.

My sister and I handmade retro aprons to give away as prizes for all the games, as well as making our own aprons. They were a big hit! Here is my sister and I sporting our new favourite aprons!

The food was all homemade by my family and friends and myself. As I’m gluten intolerant it was great to see my family made 90% of the food gluten free! And as you can see, I put my DIY upcycled cake stands to the test!

We also used all my family’s collection of teacups, tablecloths and doilies (some were my great grandmothers!). I think my Grandmother was glad to see some of it coming out of storage and actually being used! I only used eco recycled paper plates.

I also made everyone dress up as a retro housewife for the day (aprons too!) which I was glad everyone enjoyed doing (I sometimes forget people might not like dressing up as much as I do!). It certainly made all the photos fun! Here is a photo of my friend Michelle and her prize apron for winning the baby photo competition!

To top it off, every single present I received was gorgeous. I’m obviously not going to share with you the entire lot, but here are some presents I did receive that were especially amazing.

Like this wooden toy made from sustainable plantation wood (they clearly got the eco message!).

This gorgeous homemade knitted blanket and toy. There really is something about being ‘made with love’.

I think everyone understood I love organic or sustainable fabrics with this collection!

I love this gorgeous homemade sock monkey!

These hats are handknitted by a local crochet designer!

This was an amazingly clever homemade gift – a playmat that, once the drawstring is pulled, converts to a carry bag for all the toys! Love it!

And a very special gift from my best friend living overseas – a gift voucher for a newborn photography shoot with my amazing photographer friend Louise from Capture & Rapture Photography. Louise has also given me a gift of family photography too! I am feeling very spoiled!

I feel truly blessed that I have such amazing (and creative!) people in my life who went to alot of trouble to give me such personalised and amazing gifts.


DOWNLOADS (pdf’s):

Retro Housewife Questionnaire with Answers

The Retro Housewife Questionnaire – Answer Sheet

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